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Play Street Boxing Games 2016

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Killer street boxing is a sport fights game. Use your arms to defeat your opponent. You can jab, cross or uppercut. Move around the ring and avoid all your enemy hits.Train yourself at the gym and practice your power moves because you will need it. Try to hit your enemy at the correct distance to make the most powerful damage. Yo can also avoid your opponent movements just by covering yourself. In this kind of unusual fights your agility and balance are a must. Every boxer in the city would like to fight with you.
Choose your favorite fighter, Customize it and fight well in the arena. Game is enriched with super easy controls and realistic simulations.
There are FIGHT RULES in the game. Fight hard and kill your opponent before he kills you.
Whether you like wrestling games or fighting games you cant ignore boxing games.
Download this fight games and start your street boxing legend at this night, be a hero and win the night champion in the final. Show your skills in tournaments and knockout like ufc games to prove you are the best boxing king fighter, the best fighting master.
Fighting Game Feature★Amazing 3d animations and sound effects. ★ Two modes. tournament and knockout added.★Realistic scene in this street game including ring, timer, bell and clock, makes you feel that as you are watching real boxing live stream just in the boxing match.★Easy to control, 4 attacks and fight back ,1 Defense and 4 Movements.
You have only 3 rounds to beat your enemy before the time is up. Remember that your speed moving around the ring is crucial. In every fight you will attack your opponent and at the same time you have to defend yourself if you want to be alive.
Download this Killer Street Boxing game now and start to feel the real fight!